Tuesday, March 17, 2020

It's All OK

Well, we had made it to Hot Springs NP and before we left, we made sure that we got a few miles in on the trail. The morning was warm and we saw maybe a couple of other hikers. But we mostly had the park to ourselves.

Knowing that we were re-routing our trip, we decided to make the best of it...here is what we decided:
  1. Look for arboretums. A good chance to stretch and people can easily be avoided.
  2. Avoid going into any public buildings. We had all the food we needed and gas could be obtained without human contact.
  3. Sanitize everything. When we arrived for the night, I'd go in and spray down all of the surfaces, open the doors/windows, and let my CDC-specified bleach solution do its job.
  4. Eat in. Make sure that everywhere we stayed had a microwave or more so that we could make our meals.
  5. Pee safely. Figure out how to use public restrooms without other people around. 
  6. Choose a safe route. Take the route home that is least affected by Covid-19 and no stopping in communities with outbreaks.
  7. Find interesting places to stay (if possible). 
  8. Have fun on the adventure.
We found a state park in Oklahoma that had cabins complete with bedding and towels. Score! That would be home for the night. But first a trip to the arboretum, Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs. This place was magical and is the result of the collision between a college of architecture and an arboretum. The paths and bridges were absolutely amazing. We especially liked the fairy garden and the super cool treehouse!

Leaving the arboretum, we took back roads and two-lane highways to Oklahoma's Greenleaf State Park. Our cabin was rustic on the outside and made of stone.

On the inside, it was warm and cozy, complete with television, kitchen, bathroom and THE most AMAZING bath towels ever!

I was a little curious about the lard container on the stove...we also encountered a GIANT wasp in the cupboard! Dinner was sweet potato, carrot and tofu curry and a salad...yummy!

There were quite a few RVs and most of the other cabins were in use. The small lake seemed to be the draw, as many people were fishing or had boats. But, being a fishing lake meant that it was a pretty quiet group. We walked the park, enjoyed seeing the little floating bar/tackle shop and made our way back to our cabin for a good night of sleep.

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