Saturday, March 14, 2020

Coffee & Robots!

Flying out of Eugene, I was suprised to find a full plane...ah, students headed home due to the UO closure. Everyone seems healthy, people are mellow and we don't have an outbreak in Eugene. I'm not worried, but I did sanitize my airplane space. Changing planes in SFO, I see a few people with masks...and there are people there, but I am easily able to keep inside of my 6' bubble.

Arrived in Dallas and waited for Therese to arrive. The airport was like a ghost town. There was no one at the sports bar; with all sporting events shut down, they were showing sports reruns on television. 

Seriously, no one was around - even the coffee kiosk was staffed by a robot. 

As per the usual, we had planned to take public transit to our hotel in downtown Dallas. We waited for the shuttle - there was a small family and a couple of other people who got on after us and we avoided facing them. Later, when reading about an infected school bus driver in Eugene, we saw that officials were not concerned about children being infected because they were not on the bus for three hours with the driver. I wondered if this was true - that we didn't have to worry about short contacts - someday, we will know more. For now, we are keeping our distance.

Transferring from the shuttle, we hopped on the DART. It was late on a Saturday afternoon, and there were few riders. We kept our space. Downtown was quiet; we walked to our hotel and checked in, again maintaining our distance and closing the elevator door behind us.

After sanitizing our room, we found a little market and some great things for dinner a few blocks from our hotel. We noticed that they served Stumptown Coffee! There were a few people were in the store; we changed paths or worst case, when someone got too close, turned the other way with a covered face or momentarily held our breath. I think we were the most cautious people around. Best part was that our new friend Will made sure that we knew all about pecan pralines...

We settled in for a wonderful and restful evening, enjoying the view out of our 9th story hotel suite.

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