Wednesday, March 18, 2020

In Search of...

Well, I had a great night of sleep in that stone cabin...according to Therese, there was a violent wind and rain storm during the night, complete with thunder and lightening! Good thing that cabin was made of stone.

After a leisurely morning, we made our way toward our destination for the night, Hesston, Kansas. It was a beautiful drive, and we were trying our best to stay hydrated...which meant that we needed several bathroom breaks along the way. By now, we had been gone from home for four days and Covid-19 had gotten a lot worse. The breakout maps were showing that our route was basically untouched, but we were NOT going to take any unnecessary chances, meaning no gas station bathrooms. We found this blue bad boy in Shawnee, Oklahoma and although the Sonic was open, we were having no part of it!

Why use an indoor bathroom in a building full of people
when you can use a random portapot?
Another place we found was this awesome park in Pona City, Oklahoma. Great bathrooms (with soap!) and fine walking trails. It was a gorgeous day with temps in the 70s.

Loved the water options!
Getting hot out here!
Kansas, with its wide-open views, is also home to cotton fields and lovely warm temperatures.

We pulled into "The Shed," our Airbnb around 4pm. It was an adorable tiny house that had everything in it that one could possibly want...including ice cold beverages.

After getting settled, we heated up some soup and had a nice dinner before walking over to the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains.

The arboretum was small, but lovely, and there were a few locals out walking in the early evening.

Funny thing about our Airbnb...turns out our hostess was originally from Oregon and her family knows the family of one of my colleagues. Funny how small the world can be!

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