Monday, October 1, 2018

Katy Trail Day 4: Hartsburg to Jefferson City

Today we rode about 18 miles, which included some mileage around town as we visited the Missouri State Capitol and Museum, had lunch at the Prison Brews, toured the old penitentiary and then made our way to our Airbnb.

We had a pretty good night of sleep at the hartsburg Ballpark. One stray chocolate lab meandered around the picnic area in the middle of the night, we got a whiff of skunk, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise while drinking our coffee.

We didn't have far to ride on the trail today, so we made sure to pick up a couple of geocaches along the way. 

We had to take the Jefferson City spur which included a trip up a very interesting ramp onto the bridge to cross the mighty Missouri.
Bike Ramp

Once we got to Jefferson City, we headed straight for the capital and had a fantastic tour with highlights of some incredible artwork. 

We hadn't realized how many hills there were in Jefferson City, but that did not deter us from our lunch at the Prison Brews. We had several samples of their various beers that they made there and our take away is that Oregon rocks it when it comes to craft beer.

The highlight of the lunch were the incredible sweet potato fries which are covered with cinnamon and sugar. Absolutely delicious and not to be missed.

After lunch we raced over to the old penitentiary to take the tour. It was very interesting although the gas chamber was a little bit too creepy for us.

Cyclist TIP: We stayed in an Airbnb with a washer/dryer a block away from the Central Dairy Ice Cream Parlour and the Dollar Store (great snacks for the trail and $1 Tide), and close enough for a walk to see the capital and nearby sculptures.

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