Friday, September 28, 2018

Katy Trail Day 1: Clinton to Sedalia

We had a great day riding the trail. We left our hotel this morning and rode our bikes a mile to the car rental place in Warrensburg. From there we drove down to Clinton and dropped the car off.

We left the Enterprise rental place at 10:20am and headed for the trail. Our total ride from Clinton was 42.8 miles, which included a couple extra miles when we doubled back from the Katy Trail Depot and Museum to the campground at the state fairgrounds.
Westernmost Terminus: Clinton, Missouri
Official Trailhead Starting Point
Ready to Ride!
We only saw about a dozen other cyclists on the trail today. We were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the scenery, everything from Prairie Grass to farmland with a few small towns mixed in between.

Highest Point on the Katy Trail - Elevation: 955' 

We arrived at our campground around 4:30pm, set up our camp and cooked a small dinner. The fairgrounds are absolutely beautiful, and we were super happy to find that there were several geocaches here.
Cyclists TIPS: If you are thinking of staying at the  campground at the fairgrounds:
  1. Bring earplugs. There is some kind of plant nearby that is very loud.
  2. Bring a something to cover your eyes with....there are a lot of lights here. You won't need a flashlight. 
  3. Wait a VERY long time for the shower water to heat up. It never heated up for either of us, but the campground hosts claims it will get very hot. You just have to wait (we ran the water for more than 5 minutes before giving up on it getting hot.
  4. Geocache! 
  5. The fairgrounds were absolutely beautiful, so be sure to look around while you are here. 
  6. You can do a one way rental through Enterprise. Cost was about $35; the Clinton location is not open on the weekend. 
Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia

Barnyard Fun

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