Monday, September 24, 2018

In It For The Long Haul

The scenery has been beautiful, but one of the things you realize about train travel, is that if you have any kind of need other than your basic meals, you really don't have any options. There are no convenience stores near train stops that you can get in and out of in four minutes!

T has been feeling nauseous. Yesterday, we thought maybe it was motion sickness. That wasn't it...she was gifted Dramamine from another passenger, but it didn't really help. After I got really sick last night, we realized that it was probably something we ate on the train.

Fortunately, or not, when I eat something bad, I am down for the count until it's expelled. Which generally means I have a really bad couple of hours and then I am totally fine.

So here are the things we will always be sure to bring along on an overnight train trip...

1. A liter or two of 7-Up
2. Saltines and pretzels
3. Dramamine
4. Your favorite ultralight down throw (like the awesome ones you can get at Costco right now)  and pillow.
5. Something to throw up in just in case there isn't a plastic bag lining the bathroom trash. Maybe something like a gallon sized ZipLoc bag; it's nice to be able to seal a barf bag. 

LaCrosse, WI Amtrak Station

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