Sunday, September 23, 2018

Big Sky

This morning we woke up to the Big Sky of Montana. After breakfast, we took a quick jump off of the train in Whitefish to get a few laps in. 

If you haven't ridden the Amtrak before, you'll always want to take advantage of the stops-- even if they're only for a couple of minutes. the good news is that if you're in a sleeper car, there's always somebody getting on or off. You do have to stay nearby, because if you don't get on the train when they call "All Aboard," you may find that the train has left without you!

We've seen some pretty amazing scenery this morning. The fall foliage just East of East Glacier was particularly beautiful.

For some reason, I have never seen clean train windows. Which is a a shame; the reason we take the train is for the views. This time, it occurred to me that I could clean the windows myself...and WOW what a difference. It is so amazing...definitely tipworthy for future train travellers.

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