Sunday, March 22, 2020

Don't Step In It...

This is what we saw in state after state...

Interesting that they included "REAL" in the wording...I suppose were were driving through red states, so maybe there are more people who believe that Covid-19 is hoax. Who knows. you can see, we had some great skies and very empty highways.

Being on a cross-country arboretum tour, we were headed for a quick stop to see the Ogden Botanical Gardens. So far, all of the other gardens we had stopped at were relatively quiet and had lots of space for maneuvering around the Covid-19 disbelievers. Well...this was a tiny arboretum and it was nice, but it was right near the river path, so we thought we would take a walk. OH MY GOODNESS. Given that the path was not wide enough for the proper 6' of space between people, we kept moving onto the grass. I've never seen that much dog poop in my life. I don't think that anyone picked up after their dog! Note to more visits to Ogden. Sigh.

And we were off, headed to Twin Falls, Idaho for the night. It had been both an great adventure and a very stressful trip: sanitizing rooms, finding restrooms along our route, avoiding people in nature. That was all about to change...

We have stayed in many different places, but I do believe that Artdoorsy UnCommons in Twin Falls is our all-time favorite Airbnb. Every single detail has been attended to...when we arrived, the outdoor fire pit was lit and soft flute music was playing in the background. What a lovely welcome...all of our stresses just melted away. 

The other thing that we really enjoyed about our stay was the design and layout of the space. We felt like we could just stay there looking at everything for a couple of days. And the

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