Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Trip to Target

We greeted downtown Dallas with a walk down to THE grassy knoll before gathering our things and making our way to the train for a short ride to pick up our rental car.
Disclaimer: Here's how we roll...we plan for everything on our trip, so sometimes we have a strange assortment of things with us. For example we're going to have an overnight backpacking adventure, so we didn't bring suitcases. But we were renting a car, so we wanted cooler. ...and a couple of other things like lotion (hand washing 20 times = dry hands), Halt dog spray (just in case) and snacks. Amazon delivered.

Now we just had to get from our hotel, to the train station, and walk to Enterprise to get our car! The cooler by the way, is awesome (no ice needed). We made a run to Trader Joe's for groceries and then headed off to the Dallas Arboretum.



Walking the trails, we saw people, but we were able to maintain a safe distance. The most unique thing about the arboretum were the musical instruments that they had created with succulents. We loved the giant toad sculptures!

Our Airbnb host in Texarkana cancelled on us a few days before (he sold his house?) and we ended up at the Residence Inn (we loved the Dallas one so much, we thought why not?). The MOST beautiful thing about it was that there was a Target just across the parking lot. It was early evening and the lot was fairly empty, so we headed in for some essentials.

Dealing with Celiac, we prepare our own meals, so some paper plates, etc were in order for this trip. We also knew that we had to find cleaning supplies because we were almost out of wipes.

The young lady at Target was so helpful and had suggested that maybe we would want bleach since they didn't have any of your typical cleaning products. Did we luck out or what...we found the second to last bottle of bleach, the last package of cleaning clothes, rubber gloves and a spray bottle.

When another lady saw my bleach in hand, she asked were I had found it; I pointed it out and said it was the last one...she blessed me and happily made a dash over to make the grab.

CDC says: 1.5 teaspoons bleach to 12 oz. water.

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