Monday, December 24, 2018

Alpine to Goliad: Wild Game and Fast Highways

The one thing about winter camping: you don't have a lot of daylight...We were up early from our Airbnb, packing the car in the dark. As darkness turned to dawn, we were ready to hit the road. We had planned to stay on I-90 much of the way as it is a much more scenic route than Interstate 10. However, as we drove east, the sun was blinding and with all of the game that we saw along the road, we decided that it might be safer to head up to Interstate 10 earlier than planned.

Greetings from Ft Stockton, TX where everything is big...even the custom made roadrunner outfit.
Around 9am on 12/24/18; 40 something degrees.
Thankfully, we hit the San Antonio area on a Sunday, so traffic wasn't so bad. Taking the loop around, we eventually got out of the urban area and enjoyed the warm temps on our drive.

Arrived at Goliad State Park and Historic Site around 4:25pm.

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