Sunday, December 23, 2018

On the Road Again: Catalina to Alpine, TX

Greetings from Alpine, TX. Rolled in about 5:15pm on 12/23.
Winter camping in cold climates was something we wanted to avoid. So, stopping in New Mexico was not on our list this trip. Instead, we opted for an incredibly long day, driving from Catalina State Park in Arizona to Alpine, Texas where we stayed in an Airbnb for a warm night.
The Texas Way: FAST
Local Park for a Walk with the Dog
Alpine, Texas @ 6:04pm, high 50s
Much of our drive was non-descript. But there were two standouts: the freeways and overpasses of El Paso and the beautiful hill country we encountered just as we entered the Alpine area. On our next trip, we will take some time to explore Alpine and the beautiful murals around downtown.

Next up: Goliad, TX. Looking for mid 70s with a chance of a thunderstorm on Wednesday.

TIPS: If you are driving with a trailer, try to plan your drive through El Paso on a weekend or other low traffic time. There are many, many on ramps and people are in a hurry. Find your lane and stay your course. If you are headed east, there is a rest area just after you leave the urban area.

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