Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Agua Caliente: Coyotes and the Full Moon

Oh how the coyotes did howl! We were here for three nights and had almost a complete full moon. So much so, that we certainly weren't going to let our dog out of the trailer alone...we've heard that coyotes will work as a team to lure other animals to their untimely demise.

We loved this county park for the solitude, the hot springs (there were three different pools) and the people who were there (other people wanting solitude). 

Campsite on the outer edge of camp.
Moonlight Canyon Trail Loop
Exposed part of the loop.

Solstice sunrise. 12/21/18 @ Agua Caliente County Park / Anza-Borrego State Park in CA
  • If you go, note that there are hookups. Depending on what your needs are or how sensitive you are to sound, you may or may not want to be near them. There was a constant dull hum coming from the electrical boxes in some areas. 
  • If you go during a potential 'busy' season (between Christmas/New Year's) you may want to get reservations. Or avoid those times. 
  • Get gas before you leave Temecula. Enough said.

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