Saturday, December 22, 2018

Hiking @ Catalina State Park

Nothing like jumpstarting a day of hiking with a good breakfast! One of my favorite things to do while camping is to make a great breakfast. This morning, we had French toast with cream cheese and lemon curd. 

Someone looks happy!
After luring her up with an early morning breakfast, we headed for the Romero Ruins Interpretive Trail and grabbed a few Geocaches along the way.

Early morning hike to the Romero Ruins Interpretive Trail.

Aha! An ammo can cache.
Better read up on the park trivia to get to this cache.
Arduino inside!
Once back from the hike, we headed up to the Canyon Loop Trail, but found everyone else was headed there as well - and I mean hoards of people and hoards of dogs. So instead, we took the Romero Canyon Trail and headed up to the very small pools. We saw a total of seven people and one dog over the next few hours.

Hiking and caching. Perfect combination!
Big, huh?
Napping on the trail.

TIP: If you take your dog on the trails, use a short leash. There are many opportunities for your pet to step on cacti.

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