Thursday, October 11, 2018

Stove, Dishes & Utensils

Primus Eta Express Stove: When we started looking for stoves, we wanted something that would work well in the wind. After reading the reviews, we settled on the Primus Eta Express Stove. We've used this now for several years and have had nothing but great experiences. The pot holds just over four cups of water and boils (as advertised) in just over two minutes. Every time. I believe the reason for this is because of the amazing windshield and how the heat is transferred to the specialized pot.

When camping with friends, this stove always outperforms and in fact we generally end up boiling the first coffee water for everyone. In addition to being fast, it is fuel efficient. On a five night backpacking trip our daily use consisted of boiling water for coffee (2 x day), dishes (2 x day), cooking breakfast and dinner. We still had about a third of canister of fuel left.

We paid just over $40 for the stove (found it on clearance on REI for about $80 and then applied our annual rewards). This stove has been upgraded to a new version, although we don't know how it could be made better!

Dishes: We use the pot and bowl that came with the stove. This has been sufficient for our travels. Sometimes, as a splurge, we just cut down a large yogurt container to bowl size.. Lightweight and durable.

Coffee Cups: GSI Backpacker Mug! This thing is amazing. Things we have done with this mug:

  • Rehydrating freeze dried fruit. We just put a little fruit and water in it, seal it up and put it in our backpack pockets for a mid-morning snack. Great fruit and terrific fruit juice.
  • Coffee. This sounds obvious, but it is great for drinking coffee on my bike! I just put the coffee in the cup and hang it on my handlebar until I'm read for a sip. 
  • Measuring Cup: We mark off measurements for .5, 1, 1.5 and 2 cups for our freeze dried dinner prep.
  • Bowl: Sometimes we do want an extra bowl for our meals.
Silverware: REI Co-op Campware Long Spoon and Spork. I use the spoon and LOVE the long handle for cooking. The spoon is great for everything except the freeze dried chicken breast that we like to have for dinner. Therese likes her spork, but I find it cumbersome to use.

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